Boutique cigar and pipe lounge focuses on cigar culture

Boutique cigar and pipe lounge focuses on cigar culture.Featured Image -- 1914


WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Just off Stratford Road on a recent afternoon, several men sat on the front porch of a rustic, wooden building, chatting among themselves and watching life go on around them.

Cigar smoke drifted along on a gentle breeze.

The men were customers at Twin City Cigar Co., a boutique cigar and pipe lounge on Mill Street, just off Stratford. John Anetrella opened the business, which focuses strictly on pipe tobacco and cigars, in January 2013. The lounge is housed in a building that was part of the mill village of Hanestown.

“This whole place is about the culture of cigars,” Anetrella said of Twin City Cigar.

Anetrella, who lives in Winston-Salem and is a cigar smoker, also runs a technology company called Causa Technologies. He had previously visited a cigar lounge in Greensboro before deciding to open his own lounge.

He said he wanted to create a…

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