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Greensboro, N.C. — On this Recipe Wednesday, grab the ketchup! July 13 is National Fry Day and there’s no question, french fries are many Americans favorite side dish, as we eat an average of 29 pounds of fries each year. Shannon Smith stopped by Big Burger Spot in Greensboro where they make their fries fresh…

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Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership presents their Restaurant Week 2016


Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership’s Restaurant Week 2016 is this week and will end on Sunday, February 28. Restaurant Week 2016 will feature a prix fixe menu of downtown restaurants.
Restaurant week is a way to showcase downtown Winston-Salem and how the food scene here is up-and-coming. For chefs, the opportunity to create something unique using fresh and local products is a challenge and a way to highlight their abilities and the resources for restaurants that exist right here in town.

To find out participating restaurants and their specials visit – www.downtownws.com/restaurant-week



In the beginning there was Thruway…

In the beginning there was Thruway…

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Like most things, shopping centers and malls are nothing new. In ancient Greece, every city had an open space near the center known as the agora where merchants could display and sell their wares. About 2,000 years ago, the Roman Emperor Trajan built a shopping center in his forum. It was semicircular and multilevel, with vaulted ceilings and contained bars and restaurants as well as shops.


Trajan’s market center

In 1907, a group of Baltimore merchants took a step toward the modern shopping center when they established a common off-street free parking area for their customers. The first suburban shopping center in the US, Country Club Plaza, was established by J.C. Nichols in Kansas City in 1922. But by the end of World War II, there were still no suburban centers in North Carolina.


The Messick family was involved in the grocery business…

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Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew. Love Sheila.

Fox Television Group chairman and CEO Dana Walden said if it’s renewed for a third season, “Sleepy Hollow” will move production from Wilmington following the demise of the North Carolina film tax credit program.

The Wilmywood Daily

Dear Sleepy Hollow Crew,

For months, I knew this day would come. The day we would say goodbye to a television show that employed hundreds of Wilmington, NC residents. Put money in the pockets of so many small businesses and brought so many fans of the show to this great city of ours. I’ve met many and took them around the town where they spent so many of their dollars here. I am sure many of you remember me sneaking them by and introducing them to you.

10348534_10152735410829184_8687216305793390917_n I tried my best, but even my best wasn’t good enough last year to educate the narrow minds of the North Carolina House and the Senate. My words fell on deaf ears. Some said we don’t need the incentives to keep the productions coming. Some said, it’s just not worth it, it costs the state. I urge them to ask the small businesses across…

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